In the past, I’ve shared some interesting (at least, to me!) tidbits about Ben Franklin, and I thought I’d bring them all together. This “Best” list isn’t like many of others – you won’t find a lot of the basic info about him (however, you can find all that info at our U.S. History class blog). But you might find some resources you wouldn’t typically find in other places:

This copy of Ben Franklin’s Daily Schedule has been floating around the blogosphere and Twitterverse for awhile. Ben’s morning and evening questions are a pretty good framework for anybody’s day.

Benjamin Franklin's daily schedule

Thanks Nick Bilton

Here’s a newer video about his schedule:


The Ben Franklin Timeline is an interactive exhibition on Franklin’s life. It includes images, text, and some very good animations. It’s certainly accessible to English Language Learners, but not all parts of it would be good for Beginners.

Variations On “The Benjamin Franklin Effect”

Study: “Asking for Advice Makes You Seem More Competent, Not Less”

The Best Resources For Learning About “Psychological Effects” Useful To Teachers

Here’s more from Farnam Street on The Ben Franklin Effect.

A history of American anti-immigrant bias, starting with Benjamin Franklin’s hatred of the Germans is from Quartz.

“The Benjamin Franklin Effect” In The Classroom

Benjamin Franklin and deliberate practice is from Anecdote.

“Clean” Video & Lyrics Of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s New Song About Ben Franklin