Want Your Employees to Trust You? Show You Trust Them is the headline of a new article in the Harvard Business Review.

Change the word “employees” to “students” and you’ll find a lot of good research about why trust is important in the classroom and good advice on how to build it.

Here’s an excerpt:


The article also includes seven good questions that teachers can ask themselves (again, just change “employees” to “students”:

Do I show my employees that I feel confident in their skills?

Do I show my employees that I care about their welfare?

Do I show my employees that I think they are capable of performing their jobs?

Do I give my employees influence over the things that affect them most on the job?

Do I give my employees the opportunity to take part in making job-related decisions that affect them?

Do I encourage my employees to take risks?

Do my words and deeds convey how much I trust my employees?


I’m adding this info to The Best Posts About Trust & Education.