Our Three Video Series On Differentiation, Including Two NEW Ones!

Many mainstream content teachers have English Language Learner students in their classrooms. And they often are not sure of the best ways to support them.

I thought it could be useful to bring together a collection of short videos that they might find useful. I hope readers will suggest others.

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Here are my video picks:

I’ve got to start with this great one from Valentina Gonzalez:

Next up is this one from Carol Salva. It’s designed for volunteers in an ESL classroom, but they’re good ideas for all teachers with ELLs to keep in mind:

There are so many good things to say about it and how it provides a glimpse into the challenges facing our English Language Learners. It’s a little longer than most other videos on this list, but it’s well worth the extra few minutes:

Here are some words of wisdom from Dr. Jim Cummins on scaffolding for ELLs:

Lastly, here’s a short excerpt from a longer interview the the Time of Remembrance Project did with me:

Here’s a video suggested by Carol Salva where a science teacher is offering her thoughts and examples:

Here’s another one from Carol where one of her students shares what has helped him in the classroom:



More Of What Our Teachers Have Learned About Teaching ELLs – PLUS New Video Of Students Sharing Their Experience

This is a fun video, and I also think it might illustrate – a little bit – the difference between language “learning” (being able to complete grammar exercises) and language “acquisition” (using language to actually communicate). It seems to me that we want our students to be able to “sing”:

Again, I hope readers will suggest more short videos, especially ones that show scaffolding in action…