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Here are some of the posts I personally think are the best, and most helpful, ones I’ve written during this past month (not in any order of preference). There are a lot of them this month:

Using “Wrote My Way Out” From Hamilton With Students (Including Writing Prompt)

Guest Post: Advanced ELLs Write About Their Summer School Experience Tutoring Newcomers

Our Next Book On Teaching ELLs Is Almost Two-Thirds Done!

Wonderful Animal Video For ELLs & Everybody Else

Collections Of Academic Sentence Starters

Podcast: Interview With…Me On Parent Engagement

Bingo! There Are Issues With This Study On Grit & ELLs, But I Am Sure Going To Use It With My Students

Amazon Makes Its Teacher Resource-Sharing Site Public Today

“Q & A Collections: Race & Gender Challenges”

Focusing On The Impact Classroom Disruptions Have On Others, Not On The Students Doing The Disrupting

New Study Finds Students Less Motivated In School The More They Think Wealth & Income Inequality Is Stacked Against Them

Privilege & Chief Justice Roberts’ Commencement Speech

Easily Create Vocabulary Quizzes With “Wordsmyth”

New Study Finds That Punishment May Encourage The Behavior Being Targeted

Change “Employees” To “Students” & This Article Has Good Research & Advice On Building Trust

New Geography Game: “Can You Draw The States?”

“‘Double Flip’ Your Classroom”

Study’s Conclusion Is Not As Useless As It Sounds: Low-Income Adolescents Are Less Likely To Attend College

Wrong-Headed Criticism Of Medicaid Mirrors Wrong-Headed Criticism Of Schools

“Factitious” Is An Online Game To Teach About Fake News

Every Teacher With An ELL Student In Their Class Can Benefit From Watching This Video!

Popular “Book Creator” App Can Now Be Used On The Web

Great Strategy For Interacting With Art!

“Quiz Game Master” Is A Nice Tool For Creating Online Learning Games

“Leaders can Support Innovation By ‘Listening More & Speaking Less’”

I’ve Found These Decent Online Exercises To Teach Paraphrasing – Can You Suggest More?