I already have an extensive The Best Resources For Learning About The 2017 Total Solar Eclipse.

Here are new resources that were recently unveiled  that I’ll be adding to that list:

The Smithsonian Institution has come out with their own free app for the Eclipse.  Here’s how they describe it:

The Smithsonian Eclipse app, from the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, is your interactive guide to the 2017 total solar eclipse, giving Americans a front row seat to a rare celestial event. Watch a live NASA stream of the eclipse as it travels across the continental United States, calculate your view with our interactive eclipse map and get a virtual view in our eclipse simulator. 

Discovery Education has come out with a site that has a number of free education resources about the Eclipse.

So the eclipse is coming and you suddenly want to be an astronomer. Here’s what they actually do. is from The Washington Post.

Here’s the Washington Post’s special page on the Eclipse.

Some Pretty Cool Science Is Gonna Happen During The Eclipse is from Five Thirty Eight.