Four years ago I began this regular feature where I share a few posts and resources from around the Web related to ESL/EFL or to language in general that have caught my attention.

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Here are this week’s choices:

Advocating For ELLs is a relatively new Facebook Group you might be interested in exploring and/or joining (I’m a member!). Here’s how Valentina Gonzalez describes it:

This group serves as a resource for educators who work with English Language Learners. It is a place for the members to collaborate and share information.

The Case for Comprehensible Input is by Stephen Krashen and appeared in Language Magazine.

Kieran Donaghy has a nice lesson plan for ELLs using the viral short “In A Heartbeat.”

Scaffolding the Reading of Seventh-Grade English Learners: How Much is too Much? is another important post from Timothy Shanahan. It has a lot of useful information, though I think it minimizes how difficult it is to help move adolescent ELLs with minimal reading skills to grade-level.

Academic Vocabulary Instruction II: Learning 1 Word in 5 Hours Shouldn’t Count as a Success is from The Backseat Linguist. I’m adding it to The Best Websites For Developing Academic English Skills & Vocabulary.

Is a New English-Proficiency Test Too Hard? Educators and Experts Debate. is from Education Week. I’m adding it to The Best Resources For Learning About The “Next Generation” Of State Testing.

This is a useful video from Karen Lewis:

This next tweet is helpful if you have read Carol Salva’s great book, Boosting Achievement: