Carol Salva, a Houston area ELL teacher and the author of Boosting Achievement: Reaching Students With Interrupted Or Minimal Education (read an excerpt published earlier in the year here) has written an inspiring post titled Community & Hope: Teaching Refugees and Immigrants after Hurricane Harvey.

Carol has struck an amazingly positive tone over this whole week despite being forced to evacuate her home and being separated from family members because of the flood.

You can read more about her experiences in yesterday’s Education Week article, In Harvey’s Wake, a Rough Road Ahead for Schools.

And if you want to learn more about Carol, you can see the many times I’ve previously shared her work.

I list specific ways you can support Houston-area educators at the top of The Best Ways To Help Victims Of Hurricane Harvey list.

I know that I echo the the thoughts of millions of educators by saying our thoughts and/or prayers are with our Texas colleagues and their students.