I have several “Best” lists providing recommendations to teachers of different content subjects if they have English Language Learners in their classrooms (I’ll share links to them in a moment).

However, we’re all very busy, and some teachers are not going to create the time to go through a bunch of posts and articles.

That’s one reason I previously published The Best Videos For Content Teachers With ELLs In Their Classes – Please Suggest More.  That list contains what I think are the best short (four-or-five minutes each) videos that can show helpful examples to – as the title suggests – content teachers.

Today’s list is basically a text version of that one – I’m sharing a handful of short pieces that can be scanned by a content teacher to get basic helpful advice for teaching ELLs.

I’m intentionally keeping this list short.  However, if you think I’ve missed any excellent overviews out there, please do let me know.

Here are the “Best” lists where I have a longer list of specialized content resources:

The Best Resources For Teaching Common Core Math To English Language Learners

The Best Resources For Teaching The Next Generation Science Standards To English Language Learners

The Best Resources On Assisting ELLs With Special Needs – Help Me Find More

Here’s a more generalized list:

The Best Sites For Learning Strategies To Teach ELL’s In Content Classes

My books on teaching ELLs also have extensive chapters on teaching Social Studies and Art to ELLs.

Here are my recommendations for articles giving The Best Advice To Content Teachers About Supporting English Language Learners:

Do’s & Don’ts For Teaching English Language Learners is an excerpt from one of the books Katie Hull and I have written.

Four Surefire Techniques for Engaging English Language Learners is an excellent article by Valentina Gonzalez.

A Quick-Start Guide for Teaching English-Language Learners is by Wendi Pillars.

12 Ways to Support English Learners in the Mainstream Classroom is by Jennifer Gonzalez.

Supporting ELLs in the Mainstream Classroom: Language Tips is from Colorin Colorado.

ELLs: Try These 5 Scaffolds in Any Subject is from Valentina Gonzalez and appeared in Middleweb.

5 More Things English Learners Need From Classroom Teachers is from The Teaching Channel.

18 Ways to Support Your English Learners is by Valentina Gonzalez.

The American Educator, the excellent publication from the American Federation of Teachers, has published an exceptional issue on teaching English Language Learners – all its articles are available for free online. Among them is one that Katie Hull and I wrote titled Teaching English Language Learners: Tips From The Classroom.

10 Scaffolds to Support EL Learning, Part 1 is a great post by Judie Haynes.

Wendi Pillars has created a great infographic on differentiated instruction for ELLs.

Supporting ELLs in the Mainstream Classroom: 12 Strategies for Language Instruction is from Colorin Colorado.

3 Essential Roles for Monolingual Teachers is by Tan Huynh.

Betsy Markman gave me permission to share this excellent Google Slides presentation on scaffolding for ELLs in “mainstream” content classes.

Improving Outcomes for Emergent Bilingual Students: Scaffolding Up is by Valentina Gonzalez.

Tips for Comprehensible Instructional Language is from Confianza.

Graded Language and Why English Teachers Should Use It is from My Life Teaching in a Korean University.

63 Supports for English language Learners – The Ultimate List is from Kid Inspired.