Here are several new Geography games I’m adding to The Best Online Geography Games (thanks to Google Maps Mania for the tips).

They stand out from the ones presently on the list, which are all good – but very, very similar:

My Name Is Hunt uses maps, but is also a text-based “choose your own adventure” style of game (see more of them at The Best Places To Read & Write “Choose Your Own Adventure” Stories). It’s only accessible to advanced English Language Learners, but definitely is unusual.

urbanopticon is a game that incorporates the idea of “citizen science.” Here is how they explain it:

This game will show you randomly selected urban scenes and ask you where they are. In so doing, we capture your mental map – that is, which parts of the city you tend to correctly recognize. By combining your answers with other people’s, we are able to draw the collective mental map of the city. The collective map is important because it is associated with happiness. In his “The image of the city”, Kevin Lynch showed that the happiest areas are those that are easily recognized and, as such, are prominent in people’s minds. By knowing which areas are difficult to recognize, we are able to recommend urban interventions to different stakeholders, including local government, urban planners and artists.

Where In the World Looks like a very good game for students. Here is its description:

Play the game to explore country landmarks all over the world, from royal palaces to historical attractions. See if you can figure out where in the world you are!