Photo via Wikimedia Commons

I like to use “Spot The Difference” pictures with my Beginning English Language Learners.

There are plenty online, and I’m usually able to find one related to the theme we’re studying at the time (just search “Spot The Difference +[theme] )

For example, we’re learning about “School” right now, and I found this Spot The Difference picture of a classroom.  Students first labeled objects in the picture that they already knew.

Students will use these sentence frames tomorrow, share with partners and then share with the class.  It’s a fun way to review and practice writing, speaking and listening.  The sentence frames obviously be modified in many different ways:

Are there any other ways you use Spot The Difference images?

You might also be interested in The Best “I Spy” (Hidden Object) Games For Vocabulary Development.  I use those in in a similar way.

I’m adding this info to The Best Ways To Use Photos In Lessons.

ADDENDUM: Also see 10 Pictures to Test Your Keen Eye for Small Details from Bright Side.

AI Image Variations lets you upload a photo and then it produces several variations, generally with relatively minor changes.  I think it could be a useful tool for ELLs.