Earlier this year I sang the praises of the iSL Collective (iSLCollective Appears To Be A Jackpot For ELL Student Hand-Outs & Interactive Videos).

I’ve continued to use the site as a wonderful resource for student hand-outs. However, for some reason, I didn’t really “bother” with their interactive videos.

Then, I read about them again at Michelle Henry’s site, and explored them further.

Boy, what a goldmine!

Yes, you can create your own, and I’ll get around to doing that. But, for now, there are an amazing number of engaging, short videos that teachers can project and, as I do, have student with mini-whiteboards respond to questions when the video stops.

The videos are searchable by lots of criteria, and there are already four hundred alone at the Beginner Level!

Registration is free, but you don’t even have to sign-in to be able to use the videos (you do in order to create ones).

Between their hand-outs and their videos, I’ve decided to move the site to an elite level – in my eyes. So I’m adding them to The Best Three Sites On The Web For ESL/EFL/ELL/ELT Teachers (which now makes four).