This is one of those “you gotta’ be kidding me” Best lists.

I has quite a few resources on this topic on The Best Sites For Learning About The American Civil War list, but John Kelly’s recent comments caused me to decide it was worth creating a separate “Best” list.  I had originally put together similar resources when President Trump made a similarly mistaken commentary (President Trump & The Civil War), but hadn’t anticipated that it would keep on coming up.  You can find even more links on that earlier post.

Of course, the “up” side of his mistaken analysis is that the resulting publicity might create more interest among students in learning what really happened. I’ll certainly be bringing up Kelly’s interview when we start learning about the Civil War in January.

Here’s what I have – feel free to suggest other resources:

Historians respond to John F. Kelly’s Civil War remarks: ‘Strange,’ ‘sad,’ ‘wrong’ is from The Washington Post.

John Kelly Claims Civil War Caused By Lack Of Compromise. History Shows Otherwise is from NPR.

The Civil War Was Not a Mistake is from The Atlantic.

2 maps that show the Civil War really was about slavery is from Vox.

Slavery, Not States’ Rights, Caused Civil War Whose Political Effects Linger is from NPR.

Five myths about why the South seceded is from The Washington Post.

Actually, John Kelly, the failed ‘compromise’ to avoid Civil War would have enshrined slavery is from The Washington Post.

To John F. Kelly: Read this before you utter another word about the Civil War is from The Washington Post.
Gen. Kelly Says Civil War Due to Lack of Compromise. Historians Dispute That. is from NBC News.