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Here are My Favorite Posts In 2017 — So Far:


I’ve got to include this one: You Can Now Pre-Order Our New ELL Book On Amazon! 🙂

More Studies Finding That If Educators Are Good At Raising Test Scores, They Might Be Missing The Boat With Other Skills

I Knew Encouraging Oral Reading Fluency Was Important, But I Didn’t Realize It Was This Important….

My New British Council Post Shares Four Ways To Give ELLs Feedback On Their Writing

Here’s A Reflection Exercise I Did With My Student Teacher

My Growth Mindset Lessons Usually Go Well, But What I Did Today Was The Best Yet (Student Hand-Outs Included)

Study Finds Adding More Periods Of Instruction That Didn’t Work In First Place Doesn’t Help High School Readers

Banning Racism With As Much Enthusiasm As Banning Fidget Spinners

New Study Finds VAM Is Biased Against Teachers Of “At Risk” Students

“The Platinum Rule” Is A Key To Effective Differentiation

Good Advice On Talking About Our Colleagues & Our Students

Focusing On The Impact Classroom Disruptions Have On Others, Not On The Students Doing The Disrupting

Bingo! There Are Issues With This Study On Grit & ELLs, But I Am Sure Going To Use It With My Students

This Is Interesting: Hattie Says Jigsaw Strategy Hits a Homerun

I Suspect That Many ELL Teachers Will Want To Use These Personal Stories As Models For Their Students

NY Times Publishes Best Summary Of Why Social Emotional Learning Isn’t Enough….



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