There’s been a renewed interest in the use of “nudges” for education in light of Richard Thaler winning the Nobel Prize last month for his work on that topic.

Here’s how Ed Week defines a “nudge”:

Interventions based on analysis of human behavior, including the habits, routines, and biases in normal decisionmaking

Cheap or free to implement (e.g., sending an email, changing seating arrangement)

Does not require or forbid an action (As Cass Sunstein put it, “Putting fruit at eye level counts as a nudge. Banning junk food does not.”)

Generally used at the time a person makes a decision

Here are some resources worth considering when thinking about using “nudges” in our classrooms:

Small ‘Nudges’ Can Push Students in the Right Direction is from Education Week.

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Copy-Paste Prompts: A New Nudge to Promote Goal Achievement is a research paper about an idea I hadn’t heard of before. It sounds like a gentle use of peer pressure.

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