I have several upcoming publications within the next few months that I thought readers might be interested in knowing about….

These are in addition, of course, to my Education Week Teacher column:

The Washington Post will be publishing my annual review of key education news for the year. I’ve done one for the past six years (here’s a sample).

Our next book on teaching English Language Learners, The ELL Teacher’s Toolbox: Hundreds of Practical Ideas to Support Your Students,  will be published in April, 2018.  An excerpt on how to use textbooks so they don’t bore students to death will soon appear at Teaching English-British Council (you can see my past posts there on this list).  Excerpts will appear in several other publications closer to the publication date.

The New York Times Learning Network will be publishing a piece on teaching Academic Language to English Language Learners.  You can see my past posts at the Learning Network here.

I’ve written several articles over the years for ASCD’s Educational Leadership (you can find them here).  The next one of mine they’ll be publishing is on “Micro-Writing.”

I’m planning on doing a few more – if time permits – but this post shares ones that are “already in the bank.”