I’ve been doing weekly eight-to-ten minute BAM! Radio shows for a few years now to accompany my Education Week Teacher advice column.

You can see all of them at All My BAM Radio Shows – Linked With Descriptions (and there are many episodes!), but I thought I’d make a list of my “All-Time Favorite” ones to add to All Of My “All-Time” Best Lists In One Place!

Here are my choices (not in order of preference), and I’ll add to them on an on-going basis:

What Are the Habits of Lifelong Readers, How Do We Instill Them? with Donalyn Miller

How Can We Get All Students in Our Classes Thinking and Learning All the Time? with Bill and Pérsida Himmele, Jim Peterson

How Can We Differentiate Instruction More Effectively? with Carol Tomlinson

Dissecting Grades: What Do They Mean, What Are They Worth? with Rick Wormeli

Second Thoughts: Teacher Attire, Does it Really Matter? with Roxanna Elden, Renee Moore

What Is the Best Way to Train Student Teachers? with Emily Geltz, Linda Rief

What Are the Myths and Misconceptions Around Formative Assessment? with Nancy Frey

Can We Effectively Evaluate Teachers Based on Factors Teachers Completely Control? with Ben Spielberg and Ted Appel

How Can We Increase the Ranks of Teachers of Color? with Gloria Ladson-Billings

What Are the Differences Between Project-Based, Problem-Based and Inquiry Learning? with Jeff Wilhelm, Suzie Boss

Exploring the Difference Between Student Participation and Student Engagement with Jennifer Gonzalez, Bill and Pérsida Himmele

Encouraging Other Teachers Who Work with English Language Learners with Sonia Nieto, Alicia Lopez

Closing the Teacher Diversity Gap: What It Takes with Dr. Travis Bristol

What Is Grit? Can Grit Be Taught? Who Is Responsible for Grit? with Ebony McGee, Kristi Mraz, Christine Hertz

My Biggest Teaching Mistake and What I Learned from It with Ekuwah Moses, Julia Thompson, Roxanna Elden

Bridging the Cultural Barrier with Immigrant Parents with Rusul Alrubail, Anna Bartosik and Jordan Lanfair.

I Want My Kids to Feel Comfortable Making Mistakes, but… with Doug Lemov, Danny Woo and Kathleen Neagle Sokolowski.

Handling “Controversial” Issues In The Classroom with Lorena German, Stephen Lazar and Adeyemi Stembridge, Ph.D.

Using the First Language of English Language Learners with Melissa Eddington, Wendi Pillars, and Tracey Flores.

Teaching Student to Transfer Learning to New Problems with Nancy Frey, PhD and Adeyemi Stembridge, PhD.

How Can Teachers Approach Race and Bias in the Classroom? with Dr. Sanée Bell, Raquel Ríos, Ph.D., Adeyemi Stembridge, Ph.D., and Ruchi Agarwal-Rangnath