The same week that the U.S. Department of Education signaled that the Trump Administration may roll-back Obama-era regulations designed to reduce racial disparities in student discipline (see DeVos’ Team Hears Criticisms of Obama-Era Guidance on Student Discipline and Is DeVos Near Ending School Discipline Reform After Talks on Race, Safety? from The 74), a new study was unveiled showing – you guessed it – evidence of racial bias against African-Americans in school discipline.

Discipline disparities and discrimination in schools is the title of a summary of the research (you can also find a direct link to the study there).

Here’s an excerpt:


Incredibly, many still deny these disparities exist (see We Should Be Obsessed With Racial Equity).

This new study focuses only only on Louisiana (you can find links to research about other areas in the “Obsessed” post).

I also communicated directly on Twitter with one of the other other authors of this new study:

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