I’m getting a “head-start” publishing this “Best” list.  As of the date this post is originally appearing, only a couple or so collections have been announced.

However, many more will become available as the month goes on, and I’ll be adding links to them here.

I’m adding this post to All 2017 “Best” Lists – In One Place!

In the meantime, in addition to those year-long collections, here are links to all my infographic-related “Best” lists:

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Here are this year’s collections:

The world’s best visualizations of 2017 is from Information is Beautiful.

The 100 Best Infographics [Interactive] is from Siege Media.

Year in Review: 2017 in 12 Charts is from The World Bank.

2017: The Year in Visual Stories and Graphics is from The New York Times.

Data Visualization 2017 is from Axios.

2017 in 17 graphics is from The L.A. Times.

Best Charts From The Financial Times

The Year in Graphics: 2017 is from The Wall Street Journal.


10 Best Data Visualization Projects of 2017 is from Flowing Data.

The Year in Visual and Interactive Storytelling is from ProPublica.

Our Favorite Story Maps from 2017

Most Popular World Bank Charts Of 2017: Youth Bulge, Stunting, Disasters is from NPR.