Quick, Draw! is a tool from Google that tells you an object and then gives you twenty seconds to draw it. People have drawn one billion images using it, and Google uses them to make its “machine learning” better. You are given six items to draw and then it shows them all, along with providing you the ability to compare your creations with others.

Quick, Draw! with Google is a post from the TechNotes blog that offers lots of different ideas on how to use Quick, Draw! with English Language Learners.

Personally, I would just use it as a high-interest way for students to learn new vocabulary (they can figure out what the word means before they start the twenty seconds limit), as well as a nice opportunity for listening practice (the game provides automatic audio narration for the words and sentences it says).

I say I would use it that way because our district content filters presently block the site, and I haven’t yet gotten around to exploring if they would unblock it for us.

Another interesting way it could be used is by exploring the similar and different ways the same objects are drawn in different cultures. You can read about that possibility at today’s post at Google’s blog, A look at one billion drawings from around the world.

I guess Google has been in an artistic mood this year, since they also released a second cool drawing tool. You can about it at Google’s Brand New “AutoDraw” Is Likely To Become A Favorite Place For Those Of Us Who Are Artistically-Challenged.

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