For years, I’ve used Storify to collect my weekly posts of “Best Tweets” and my annual list of who to follow on Twitter.

Unfortunately, today Storify announced they were shutting down next year.

The best alternative, as far as I can see, is the “Collections” feature on Tweetdeck. You can learn how to use it here.

It seems to have the basic functionality of Storify, though not its ease of use or its attractiveness. The re-ordering of tweets is particularly troublesome.

However, I assume that with Storify’s departure from the scene, Tweetdeck will improve its features.

I’ll be using it to continue my weekly “Best Tweets” post, and I wanted to re-do my annual list of follow recommendations using it, too, since the Storify version will disappear. Sometime between now and May (when Storify is officially shutting-down), I’ll try to make time some evening and download key resources and re-post them here on the blog.

I’m adding this post to All 2017 “Best” Lists – In One Place!

Let me know who you think I’m missing.