There are several neat visualizations showing the outlines of the most popular stories in the world.

I thought I’d bring some of them together here.

You can find related links at The Best Digital Storytelling Resources.

Here’s what I have so far:

I have to begin with this popular video:

How to tell a great story, visualized is from TED Talks.

The 7 universal story plots that still entrance audiences is from Sparkol.

The Six Main Arcs in Storytelling, as Identified by an A.I. is from The Atlantic.

The 6 Emotional Arcs of Storytelling, Why You Should Use Them, and Which One is Best is from No Film School.

The Shapes of Stories is from The University of Vermont.

22 Rules To Phenomenal Storytelling (Infographic)

Storytelling tips from the experts at Pixar

7 Storytelling Structures to Improve Your Presentations (Infographic) is from Entrepreneur.