This is one of my last year-end “Best” lists and, as holds true for all my lists, I’m being pretty picky about what ends up here.

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I’m adding this list to All 2017 “Best” Lists – In One Place!

Here are my choices – so far (I’ll be adding more over the coming week as they are published elsewhere):

Of course, Alexander Russo’s Best education journalism of 2017 has to be top on this list.

Writing Prompts, Quizzes, Lessons and Graphs: Our Most Popular Teaching and Learning Resources in 2017 comes from The New York Times Learning Network.

The Best of 2017 is from Teaching Tolerance.

TOP RESOURCES OF 2017 is from Share My Lesson.

Top 10 TED Talks of 2017

Top 10 Educational Leadership Articles of 2017 is from ASCD (hey, my article, Student Engagement: Key to Personalized Learning, is on that list!).

Smithsonian Learning Labs has announced their most popular resources and most popular collections.

My The best — and worst — education news of 2017 appeared in The Washington Post.

The Most Popular Classroom Q & A Posts In 2017

Ed Week has a ton of them, including:

Top Education Stories of 2017: Education Week’s Most Viewed

Top Teacher Stories of 2017: Education Week’s Most Viewed

The Teaching Profession in 2017 (in Charts)

2017’s Top 10 Quotes on Education Issues

Top Education Commentaries of 2017: Education Week’s Most Viewed

U.S. Education in 2017 in 10 Charts

Ed Week also published a list of their most popular videos of the year, and this one I did with them about “Transfer Of Learning” made the list!

Top 10 online Kappan stories of 2017

DeVos In Charge, Teacher Well-Being And Chronic Absence: Our Year In Review is from NPR.

Must-Read Education Stories From 2017 is from The Atlantic.

The Teaching Channel’s Top 15 Videos of 2017 and Top Blog Posts of 2017.

9 Charts That Show What Education in America Is Like in 2017 is from The Atlantic.