Near the end of each year, I re-post my favorites, and then collect the links into one.  This post is for my favorites from 2017

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Here is a a collection of my favorites from 2017:

A Look Back: My Favorite “Best” Lists Of 2017

A Look Back: New Study Finds VAM Is Biased Against Teachers Of “At Risk” Students

A Look Back: My British Council Post Shares Four Ways To Give ELLs Feedback On Their Writing

A Look Back: I Knew Encouraging Oral Reading Fluency Was Important, But I Didn’t Realize It Was This Important….

A Look Back: Here’s A Reflection Exercise I Did With My Student Teacher

A Look Back: Good Advice On Talking About Our Colleagues & Our Students

A Look Back: You Can Now Pre-Order Our New ELL Book On Amazon!

A Look Back: Why Social Emotional Learning Isn’t Enough….

A Look Back: I Suspect That Many ELL Teachers Will Want To Use These Personal Stories As Models For Their Students

A Look Back: Bingo! There Are Issues With This Study On Grit & ELLs, But I Am Sure Going To Use It With My Students

A Look Back: This Is Interesting: Hattie Says Jigsaw Strategy Hits a Homerun

A Look Back: Study Finds Adding More Periods Of Instruction That Didn’t Work In First Place Doesn’t Help High School Readers

A Look Back: “The Platinum Rule” Is A Key To Effective Differentiation

A Look Back: More Studies Finding That If Educators Are Good At Raising Test Scores, They Might Be Missing The Boat With Other Skills

A Look Back: My Best Ever Growth Mindset Lesson

A Look Back: “My ELL Gratitude Lesson – With Student Handout”

A Look Back: A Simple & Effective Classroom Lesson On Gratitude

A Look Back: “Play-Doh & IB Theory Of Knowledge -Student Hand-Out & Videos”

A Look Back: My Best “Best” Lists Of 2017 – So Far

A Look Back: Our School Is Not ‘Flush With Cash’ & Our Students Are Not ‘Deprived Of All Knowledge’

A Look Back: “My NY Times Post For ELLs On Teaching About ‘Fake News’”

A Look Back: “We Should Be Obsessed With Racial Equity”

A Look Back: “Here’s My Entire ELL Beginners Seven-Week Unit On Writing A Story (Including Hand-outs & Links)”

A Look Back: “What ‘Scarcity’ Does To The Mind & Why Social Emotional Learning Isn’t Enough”

A Look Back: “Google’s ‘AutoDraw’ Is Likely To Become A Favorite Place For Those Of Us Who Are Artistically-Challenged”

A Look Back: “Animated Video I’ve Done With Ed Week – “What Is ‘Transfer of Learning’ & How Does It Help Students?”

A Look Back: “Guest Post From Lorin W. Anderson, Co-Author Of The Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy”

A Look Back: “ASCD Educational Leadership Publishes My Article On Personalized Learning”

A Look Back: “What ELLs Taught Our School In A Week-Long Empathy Project”