It’s getting close to semester finals and in my ELL Geography class, I usually have this read this short piece, 9 Reasons to Study Geography, from Brainscape.  Then, they watch the first video in this collection and, lastly, answer this writing prompt:

According to the writers and/or the video, what are reasons why it is important to study geography (you only have to pick four of them)? Do you agree with what they are saying? To support your opinion you may use examples from your own experiences (including what has taken place in our class this year), your observations of others, and any of your reading.

This year, though, I took some time to search for other related videos that they might watch, also. I wasn’t too impressed with what I found, but I think they’re serviceable…

Geography Writing Frames For ELLs (They Can Be Used In Other Subjects, Too) has the write frame for the actual essay that students write in response to the prompt.

Here’s what I found: