Sexual Harassment & Assault in Schools is the headline of one of my Education Week Teacher columns.

It’s pretty indisputable that if we hadn’t all been teaching lessons about sexual harassment and assault before the past few months, we need to be doing them now.

Here are some good resources, and I hope you’ll suggest more (you might also be interested in A Very, Very Beginning List Of The Best Resources On Bullying — Please Suggest More):

You’ve got to start with the impressive New York Times Learning Network resource, The Reckoning: Teaching About the #MeToo Moment and Sexual Harassment With Resources From The New York Times.

Discussing Sexual Harassment in the Classroom is from Teaching Tolerance.

Discussing sexual harassment with your students in a sensitive, nonpartisan way is from the PBS NewsHour.

What Do Schools Teach About Sexual Harassment? is from Education Week.

How To Use This Wave Of Sexual Harassment Revelations To Teach Our Kids is from a Public Radio affiliate.

David Schwimmer Made Six Short Films About Sexual Harassment. We Annotate One of Them. is a very interesting NY Times piece.

Very Useful PBS NewsHour Segment On If Viewers Should Separate Art From Artist In Light Of #MeToo

Lesson Plan: A Short History of the Long Fight against Sexual Harassment is from The LowDown.


When Students Say #MeToo, Schools May Be Unprepared to Help is from Ed Week.

Why the Kavanaugh accusations matter so much to teen girls like me is from Vox.

Let’s Take a Stand Against Sexual Harassment in Schools is from ASCD Educational Leadership.

When Sexual Assault Allegations Hit the News, How to Talk to Students is from Ed Week.

Breaking the silence: Talking to young kids about sexual assault and consent is from NBC News.

How My Third-Graders and I Address Consent is from Teaching Tolerance.

Breathe: Caring for Students and Ourselves in the Time of Kavanaugh is by Christina Torres.

Teaching About Sexual Assault and Consent is by Teaching Tolerance.

Why some teachers across the U.S. turned the Kavanaugh hearings on in class — and what discussions followed is from Chalkbeat.

Teaching High School Students About Sexual Assault Through Literature is from NPR.

A High Schooler Reacts To Kavanaugh And Ford Hearings is from NPR.

The Kavanaugh Hearings is from Facing History.

Kavanaugh controversy: A tough but important teachable moment is from The Morningside Center.

How Schools Can Reduce Sexual Violence is from NPR.