We’re in the middle of our ethics unit in my Theory of Knowledge classes, and students are in the midst of exploring different sources of morality and determining the sources of their own moral code (see Here’s A Nice Lesson I Did On Ethics In My Theory Of Knowledge Class).

I haven’t thought it all the way through yet (and would love to get feedback), but I’m thinking of having students read this good Voice of America review of “chain migration and then read today’s Washington Post article, How ‘chain migration’ brought us the Trump White House.

Next, they would write a response to this question:

If you have benefited from a law or rule, is it ever ethical to then seek a change in that law or rule so others cannot gain a similar benefit? Why or why not? To support your opinion you may use examples from your own experiences, your observations of others, and anything you have read – especially what we have examined in our ethics unit.

I think it would be interesting to see how deeply students explore the question – would some try to distinguish the benefits gained from obviously immoral activities like slavery and discrimination from those gained by changing rules governing policies where lines might not be as clearly drawn?

Either way, it seems to me the reading and writing could lead to a rich discussion.

What do you think?