Short videos from jounalistic sites (including Ed Week and Edutopia) have included images overlaid with text, accompanied by music. They’re very engaging, and I’ve wondered how they create them.

Now, I don’t have to wonder any longer, because there’s a free web tool called Lumen5 that – up to this point – may be my favorite new Web 2.0 tool of the year (yes, I know it’s only February).

With the assistance of Artificial Intelligence, you just paste in the url address of a blog post or article, highlight the text you want to see in the video, identify the images you want to go along with the text, along with choosing music, and your video is done!

If any blogger wants to expand his/her audience with video, I can’t imagine a better tool available to help make it happen.

Thanks to Nik Peachey for making me aware of the site.

Here’s a video explaining its features. Oh, did I mention that you can use the tool for free?


Though it’s not as “automatic” as some of the other tools on the list, I’m still adding it to The Best Tools That “Automatically” Create Presentations.