NOTE: This post was originally headlined “Quote Of The Day: Teen Shooting Survivors Call For Change.” However, because of its importance and subsequent articles appearing in the media, I turned it into a “Best” list…

The Righteous Anger of the Parkland Shooting’s Teen Survivors is a very interesting, and inspiring article, on The Atlantic’s site today.

Talk about student agency!

A loud, new voice after the latest school shooting: Kids wanting to know why adults hadn’t done more is a similar piece that appeared in The Washington Post.

A ‘Mass Shooting Generation’ Cries Out for Change is another article in the NY Times.

In wake of another shooting, calls for a national school walkout is from The San Francisco Chronicle.


You might also be interested in Florida School Shooting Tragedy Resources, Including Advice On Talking With Students.

And here’s a related video:

Florida student Emma Gonzalez to lawmakers and gun advocates: ‘We call BS’ is from CNN.

He survived the Florida school shooting. He vows not to return to classes until gun laws change. is from The Washington Post.

Florida students plead with Congress: It’s about the guns is from The Washington Post.

Why Parkland students have emerged as a powerful political voice is from The Washington Post.

Quote Of The Day: “…Marjory Stoneman Douglas High really could be the last school shooting in America”

Children have changed America before, braving fire hoses and police dogs for civil rights is from The Washington Post and is today’s “must-read” article of the day.

Here’s an excerpt:

Eleven Videos About Student-Let Protests For Gun Control

Quote Of The Day: Shooting Survivor Wants Her School To Be Remembered For Starting “A Revolution”

The Power of the Parkland Town Hall is from The Atlantic.

The Parkland Students Aren’t Going Away is from The Atlantic.

When it comes to guns, the Parkland shooting survivors aren’t here to play nice is from The L.A. Times.

Parkland Student Organizer Learns Quickly That Opponents Can Do The Best Organizing For You

Quote Of The Day: Parkland Student Emma González On Her Organizing Efforts

How Parkland Students Changed the Gun Debate is from The Atlantic.

How the student activists of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High demonstrate the power of a comprehensive education. is from Slate.

Parkland Survivors Meet With Chicago Students To Tackle Gun Violence ‘Beyond Gated Communities’ appeared in the Huffington Post.

Video: Preview Of Sixty Minutes Segment On Parkland Students

Students calling for change after the Parkland shooting is from 60 Minutes.