There has been a lot of crazy talk over the past couple of days about arming teachers.

Here are resources explaining why it’s a bad idea.

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Statistic Of The Day: The Economic & Moral Cost Of Arming Teachers

The Absurdity of Armed Educators is from The Atlantic.

Calls to Arm Teachers Meet Resistance from Parkland Educators, Leaders is from Ed Week.

I Am a Teacher, President Trump. Please Don’t Give Me a Gun. is by Gina Caneva.

Trump and Sacramento’s sheriff are wrong about giving guns to teachers. Here’s why is by Marcos Bretón.

Arming Teachers Would Endanger Students of Color appeared in Slate.

I Was a Marine. Now I’m a Teacher. Don’t Give Me a Gun appeared in TIME.

It’s Hard To Imagine How Armed Teachers Might Change Schools is from NPR.

The case against arming teachers is from Vox.

I Was a Marine. I Don’t Want a Gun in My Classroom. is from The NY Times.

Arming teachers with guns will backfire is from The Miami Herald.

You can get an #ArmMeWith template here.

Teachers Are Not Soldiers is from The Atlantic.

Two Very Important Articles On The Question Of Arming Teachers

Unsurprising Statistic Of The Day: Gallup Poll Finds That Teachers Don’t Want To Carry Guns


Here’s a new video from The Associated Press. This is their description:

Parents filed a lawsuit to block a Pennsylvania school district from allowing teachers to carry guns in school, the latest in a debate playing out in many states over whether it’s wise to arm educators to protect students from mass shooters.


Florida to Let Teachers Carry Guns. Will Black Students Pay the Price? is from The NY Times.

What many black parents think about when teachers are armed in schools is from The Washington Post.

Texas official wants to arm more teachers. Bad idea. is from The Washington Post.

School Chiefs’ POV: Arming Teachers & ‘Hardening’ Schools Reckless, Toxic Ideas is from The 74.