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Here are some of the posts I personally think are the best, and most helpful, ones I’ve written during this past month (not in any order of preference). There are a lot of them this month:

One Of The More Interesting Studies You’ll Read This Year: Junk Food & Low-Income Families

Quote Of The Day: Shooting Survivor Wants Her School To Be Remembered For Starting “A Revolution”

Statistic Of The Day: The Economic & Moral Cost Of Arming Teachers

Create And/Or Translate Online Books For An Authentic Audience With StoryWeaver

Grading English Language Learners – A Perspective From Two Teachers

Diversity Of Our School’s IB Program Highlighted In Sacramento Bee

“One Met. Many Worlds” Is A Cool Multilingual Art Gallery From The Met

English Language Learners Tell Us What Helps Them Learn

“Everything you Wanted to Know About Dual Immersion but Were Afraid to ask”

“Community Organizer Turned Teacher Aims for Social Change”

Wow, The National Writing Project Offers Wonderful Online Writing Opportunity To Students

“Amazon-Day One” Offers An Exceptional Collection Of Useful Videos

Telling Stories In Class Like Abraham Lincoln

Many Of Us Teachers Will Feel Like Steve Kerr In A Month Or Two

Guest Post: Guidelines For Teachers Observing Their Peers

“Ways to ‘Navigate Conflicts & Restore Relationships’ Between Students”

“What’s the next step on the path up the mountain?”

Interesting Study On “Transfer” Reinforces Effectiveness Of “Learning By Doing”

Study Shows Positive Impact Of Ed Tech On ELLs & Students With Special Needs

Wow, “Lumen5” Looks Like An Amazingly Easy Way To Turn Blog Posts & Articles Into Videos!

We Just Finished Reviewing The Proofs Of Our Next Book On Teaching ELLs!

“The Best Ways to Resolve Conflicts Between Students”

My Latest BAM! Radio Show Is On How To Make Social Studies Lessons More Exciting

Guest Post: Template For Making Teacher Comments On TOK Essays

“Beautiful[AI]” Uses Artificial Intelligence To Create Your Presentations

Great Infographic: “You’re Hired: The Skills Employers Seek in New Hires”

NY Times Video Series On “Inside An Olympian Mind” Is Jackpot For Any Teacher Using Visualizing Strategies With Students

Google Photos Will Automatically Create Music Videos With Your Pictures

Nick Foles Just Gave Teachers A Gift Of A Great SEL Lesson

“Important ‘Moves for Teacher Success’”

Impressive New Video Series On “Courageous Conversations About Race in Education”

Geography Writing Frames For ELLs (They Can Be Used In Other Subjects, Too)

Elmo Teaches The Power Of “Yet”

Part Two: Eleventh Anniversary Of This Blog – What Have Been My Most Popular Posts?

“Underutilized Teaching Ideas”

Langston Hughes Was Born On This Day In 1902 – Here Are Two Good Lessons For ELLs Using His Poetry

Very Useful PBS NewsHour Segment On If Viewers Should Separate Art From Artist In Light Of #MeToo

Padlet Now Lets You Record Audio – Zooms To The Top Of Most Useful Web 2.0 Tools For ELLs

Apester” Looks Like A Very Versatile Tool For Creating Interactive Slideshows

Eleventh Anniversary Of This Blog: What Have Been My Most Popular Posts? (Part One)

“Instructional Strategies That Teachers Might Be Missing”

Find All The NY Times Learning Network’s “Country Of The Week” Quizzes In One Place!

Immigration Reform, Ethics & TOK

In Education, If It Sounds Too Good To Be True, It Probably Is….

If You Want To Know Who ELLs Are & Where They Are, This New Website Is For You

Using “The Diary Of Anne Frank” With ELL Newcomers!

Is Music A Universal Language? Take This Cool Quiz To Find Out!

Study Finds That Encouraging Students To Visualize Themselves As Successful Helps Them Overcome Challenges