I just learned about Iris.ia from Nik Peachey, who is always an excellent source of resources.

Iris.ia lets you paste the url address of any academic paper or TED Talk and then, in return, it provides you with a free interactive mosaic of related research papers.

I tried it with Dan Pink’s TED-Talk on motivation, and none of the papers that it linked to (and that I checked) were behind a paywall.

It seems like it would be very useful research tool.

And, in case you are looking for additional research tools, here are a few more that I’ve posted about in the past:

Author Path is a free tool to help university students write theses or journal articles. I had my daughter check it out (she just completed her Masters Thesis), and she says it would have been very helpful to her.

“Google Scholar” Alerts Could Be Very Helpful For Research

The Best Commentaries On Sci-Hub, The Tool Providing Access to 50 Million Academic Papers For Free

Sci-Hub Loses Domain Names, But Remains Resilient

“Unpaywall” Is New Tool For Accessing Research Papers For Free

Let me know what I’m missing!