About the only time I show a full-length movie in class is when I’m going to be out and it’s the lesson plan for my sub.

I’m seldom sick enough not to be in class, so most of the time I can plan in advance and create a movie assignment that is at least somewhat connected to what we’re studying.

The once in a blue moon when I am sick, however, I am generally having a pity-party and feel like I’m on my death bed. And, during those times, I just want to do the easiest thing possible.

Which leads me to these sites that offer free lessons and worksheets for zillions of movies:

Lessons On Movies is a new site created by the incomparable Sean Banville. It’s the latest addition to Sean’s “empire” of free and helpful websites for English language learners and their teachers.

Kieran Donaghy has a great blog called Film English filled with videos and lessons connected to them.

“Journeys In Film” Looks Like A Great Teaching Resource

Movie Sheets

Owl Teacher: Teach With Movies

Doc Academy offers free video clips from documentaries and related lesson plans.

6 Ways to Make the Most of Classroom Movies appeared in Edutopia.

Common Sense Education has quite a few movie guides connecting them to SEL skills.  Unfortunately, they don’t seem to have one link to all of them, but if you go here you should be able to scroll down and see quite a few.

You might also be interested in Here Are All My “Best” Lists Related To Movies.