Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated on April 4th, 1968.

There are many commemorations and resources planned for the date fifty years later, and I’ll be adding them here as they become available.

I’ll start off with three related “Best” lists that I have recently updated:

The Best Websites For Learning About Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Best Sites For Learning About The Martin Luther King Memorial

The Best Resources To Remember Dr. Martin Luther King’s Death (& Life)

Here are links to resources specifically related to the 50 year commemoration:

MLK 50 is a large collection of videos from NBC News.

Where Do We Go From Here? is a huge resource from The National Civil Rights Museum.

NBA stars give thoughtful answers to the question “This year marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. What did we lose on that day?” is a series of videos from the NBA.

50 years after MLK’s assassination, the white moderate claims to be his biggest fan is a very important piece from New Orleans.

The Riots That Followed the Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. is a photo gallery from The Atlantic.

Remembering Martin Luther King Jr. is a photo gallery from The Boston Globe.

The Best of Our Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Resources is from Teaching Tolerance.

In His Speeches, MLK Carefully Evoked the Poetry of Langston Hughes is from The Smithsonian Magazine.

Six ways Martin Luther King Jr. is reflected in today’s political movements is from Politico.

‘I just felt like something had died in all of us’: John Lewis on the death of Martin Luther King is from The Washington Post.

50 Years After Dr. King’s Death, Remembering the Women Who Steered the Movement is from The NY Times.

What If Martin Luther King Jr. Were Never Assassinated? is from National Geographic.