The latest TED-Ed lesson and video is on “Why isn’t the world covered in poop?” and I thought I’d take the opportunity to also share related resources that I’ve previously posted.

Who Pooped? has got to be one of the most original — and somewhat gross — ideas for an interactive to teach about animals. Of course, students will love it! The Minnesota Zoo created this site, which is engaging, informative, and accessible to English Language Learners.  Oh, and did I mention it’s a little bit gross?

Here’s an experiment Dan Pink did to encourage owners to pick up their dog’s poop – I use it when we learn about Human Sciences in Theory of Knowledge classes:

3 ways to spot a bad statistic is the title of data journalist Mona Chalabi’s TED Talk (you can see the TED Talk video and transcript here).

I think it would be fine to skip the first few minutes of it, but after the first five minutes she does a great job teaching about how statistics can mislead. Even better, she includes examples related to pee and poop, so you know students are going to be engaged 🙂

It would be great to show IB Theory of Knowledge classes when studying math and/or human sciences.

Here’s the YouTube version of the talk: