I saw this tweet on Twitter earlier this week and decided to check out Read Ahead.

It’s intriguing.

It lets you paste text, or import text from a url address. Then you can divided up the text into “chunks” that appear on slides, along with identifying key words. The text then appears as a slidedeck.

Here’s one I quickly did.

It’s also free.

The site suggests that it assists comprehension, which makes sense to me.

Practically speaking – for me, at least – I could see using it as an easy way to create a slidedeck for a text I want to display to a class on a computer projector. Also, I think it could also be a useful tool for students to either display their own work for classmates to read, or to choose online text and demonstrate strategic thinking by how they would display it for easier comprehension (they’d also show further critical thinking by the key words they chose to highlight).

Here’s a video from the site: