The New York Times wants to know what educators around the country think of what our brothers and sisters are doing (see (see The Best Videos & Articles On The Kentucky & Oklahoma Teachers Strikes and The Best Resources For Learning About – & Supporting – The West Virginia Teachers).

Go to We Want to Hear From Public School Teachers and answer the questions.

Here’s their introduction:

Thousands of teachers in multiple states have shut down school districts by walking out of their classrooms or calling in sick to protest cuts in pay, benefits and school funding.

Lawmakers in these states — West Virginia, Oklahoma, Kentucky and Arizona — have for years pursued cuts to public education and other services. Teachers, parents and students have noticed the impact on the classroom, whether it is a four-day school week in rural Oklahoma or canceled drama classes in Tulsa.

Are you a public school teacher? How have budget cuts affected your school?

If you are a public school teacher in the United States, please tell us what you think of the current teacher protests and about the conditions in your school. We may publish a selection of the responses.