How to Increase Your Influence at Work is a good Harvard Business Review article that offers good advice on how to increase your influence anywhere.

You’ll want to read the whole article (registration is free), but here’s how they summarize it:

Principles to Remember


* Cultivate personal connections with colleagues so they assume positive intent when you attempt to influence them.
* Make it clear to your colleagues that you value their opinions.
* Take steps to develop expertise by attending conferences or taking on a leadership role in a professional organization.


*Worry that your attempts to gain sway are manipulative. You’re being strategic.
* Slouch as you talk. Standing up straight with your shoulders back helps you come across as confident and commanding.
* Use “I” too much. In your quest for influence, talk about how your ideas will benefit the entire organization and how “we” will see value.


I’m adding this info to The Best Posts & Articles On Building Influence & Creating Change.