I’ve always been of a mind towards looking at problems as opportunities (you can read why at The Best Examples Of Turning Problems Into Opportunities — Help Me Find More).

Today, though, I learned about another reason why that perspective is so important.

Chip Heath, along with his brother, have authored some very insightful business books that also apply to education.

Forbes ran an interview with him headlined How To Create More Of the Magical Moments That Transform Life And Business. It originally appeared last year, but is new to me.

Here’s the excerpt that caught my eye:

Boy, problems really are opportunities!

This statistic is just another reason to have that mindset when our lesson is going south, we’re having a conflict with a student, or an even an issue with an administrator.

Those moments can not just be salvaged – they carry the seeds of turning into extraordinarily positive experiences for everyone.

Depending, of course, on what we do with them….

If you have some real-life stories that exemplify Heath’s point, please share them in the comments section.