You might remember a week ago when Secretary DeVos said individual schools could call ICE on students and their families if they wanted to (see No, Secretary DeVos, Schools Cannot Choose To Call ICE On Students – Here Are The Best Rebuttals To Her False Claim).

Instead of just admitting she was wrong, she has issued a statement saying that the statement she made (“That’s a school decision. It’s a local community decision,”) was misrepresented.


Here is her statement in English and Spanish. It looks like she could benefit from reading The Best Resources For Helping Students (& The Rest Of Us) Learn The Concept Of Not Blaming Others:

Secretary DeVos: We Educate Every Child in America. The following is a statement from U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos: “Our nation has both a legal and moral obligation to educate every child. This is well-established in the Supreme Court’s ruling in Plyler v Doe and has been my consistent position since day one. Schools are not, and should never become, immigration enforcement zones. Every child should feel safe going to school. It is unfortunate that those who seek to polarize and divide have intentionally tried to misrepresent my position on this issue to cause unnecessary fear for students and families.”

Secretaria DeVos: Nosotros Educamos a Todos los Niños en los EE.UU. La siguiente declaración es de la Secretaria de Educación de EE.UU Betsy DeVos: “Nuestra nación tiene la obligación legal y moral de educar a todos nuestros niños. Esto, está establecido en el fallo del Tribunal Supremo en Plyler v Doe. Mi posición desde el primer día ha sido que las escuelas no son, ni deberían ser, zonas para hacer cumplir reglas de inmigración. Todos los niños deben sentirse a salvo asistiendo a la escuela. Es desafortunado que aquellos que buscan polarizar y dividir intenten tergiversar mi posición sobre este tema con la intención de causar miedo innecesario a los estudiantes y a las familias.

I can’t link to the original source because it was sent in an email.