Time for my third mid-year “Best” list this year.

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“Best” Lists Of The Week: Education Research

Here are my choices for My Best Posts On New Research Studies In 2018 – So Far:

Yes, There Are Problems With The Marshmallow Test, But I Wouldn’t Throw It Out

What A Great Article On The Power Of Being A Good Listener

Another Study Reinforces The Importance Of Self-Regulation In Learning & Success

The Impact Of Rudeness On A Class

In A Surprise To No Teacher Anywhere, New Studies Find Positive Teacher/Student Relationships Help Learning

Statistic Of The Day: We Teachers Continue To Spend A Lot Of Money Supporting Students

“How Income Affects The Brain” & What We Can Do About It

This Is Nuts: Corporal Punishment Used On 100,000 Students

Does The “Word Gap” Really Exist?

Another Study Finds Poverty’s Impact On “Cognitive Bandwidth”

Statistic Of The Day: Teacher Decisions & Implicit Bias

Study Finds That Making Goals Increases Effort

Researchers Find That Curious Students Achieve More Academic Success. In Other News, The Sky Is Blue

New Study Finds That Teens Can Learn A New Language As Quickly As Younger Children

No Surprise To Teachers, But It’s Nice To Have Evidence: Study Finds That Students Improve Their Writing By Reading

Harvard Business Review Publishes Great Article On The Importance Of Asking Questions

New Report On Everything You Wanted To Know About Metacognition, But Were Afraid To Ask

The Impact Of Asking “Could” Instead Of “Should” In The Classroom

No Surprise: Another Study Finds That Having An Authentic Audience Results In Improved Performance

No Surprise: Study Finds Students More Engaged When Studying Topics Related To Them

Study Finds Unique Way To Promote Student Self-Control

The Value Of Student “Opinion” Surveys

New Study Finds Having Students Make Predictions Enhances Learning

The Best Resources Explaining The GAO Report That Finds Racial Disparities In School Discipline

Study Finds Calling Transgender Youth Their Chosen Name Helps – Teachers Should Follow That Guide For Every Student

Important Reminder That We Need To Praise Process To Support A Growth Mindset

Shocker: Study Finds That Low-Income Students Tend To Have Less Agency Than Those Coming From Higher-Income Families

Best Article Ever To Have Students Read About Cellphones!

The Best Commentaries On The Huge New Study On Race, Inequality & Gender

Study Finds That Principals Can Influence Student Learning Best By – Wait For It – Supporting Teacher Leadership

Statistic Of The Day: Civic Participation Helps Students

Depressing Research Study Conclusion Of The Day: Fake News Is More Popular Than Real News

Everything You Wanted To Know About The Adolescent Brain But Were Afraid To Ask

New Meta-Analysis Identifies Instructional Strategies To Help Struggling Adolescent Readers

Results Just Unveiled Of Big New Growth Mindset Study Co-Authored By A Ton Of Well-Known SEL Researchers

Intriguing New Study On “Student Engagement” & How To Define It

New Study Documents The Benefits To School That Are Obvious To Us, But Maybe Not So Obvious To Our Students

One Of The More Interesting Studies You’ll Read This Year: Junk Food & Low-Income Families

Statistic Of The Day: Field Trips Are Good

Interesting Study On “Transfer” Reinforces Effectiveness Of “Learning By Doing”

Study Shows Positive Impact Of Ed Tech On ELLs & Students With Special Needs

Great Infographic: “You’re Hired: The Skills Employers Seek in New Hires”

In Education, If It Sounds Too Good To Be True, It Probably Is….

Useful Research On Nature/Nurture Debate

Study Finds That Encouraging Students To Visualize Themselves As Successful Helps Them Overcome Challenges

Statistic Of The Day: The Number Of ELLs Is Growing

Teachers Can Learn About Ed Research At The “Learning Zone”

Statistic Of The Day: Study Finds That Reduced School Funding Negatively Impacts Students

We [White] Teachers Should Look At This Research When We Feel We Don’t Show Bias In The Classroom

New Treasure Trove Of Education Research

Statistic Of The Day: To The Surprise Of No Teacher, New Study Finds That Class Size Matters

I’m Not Sure This Big Meta-Analysis On Direct Instruction Says What Its Authors Think It Says

This Is Why I Make It A Priority To End Each Class & School Year On A Positive Note

Second Statistic Of The Day: Many Cartoon Villains Speak in Foreign Accents

Feeling “Pride, Gratitude and Compassion” Increases Self-Control

Surprise – NOT! New Study Finds That Punishment May Not Promote Cooperation

No Surprise But A Good Reminder – Critical Feedback Generally Only Works If People Feel They Are Valued

New Study Demonstrates – Again – The Importance Of SEL For Ninth-Graders

The Best Posts On The Nature/Nurture Debate

The Best Reports On The New “Lost Einsteins” Study

Study: “You are more likely to remember something if you read it out loud”

Excellent Post On Education Research By Dylan Wiliam

New Research Quantifies The Vocabulary Improvement Generated By Reading – Here’s How I Plan To Use It In Class

Good NY Times Column On Ineffectiveness Of Note-Taking On Laptop During Lectures, But What About Ineffectiveness of Lectures?

Very Useful Article On Resilience

The Best Resources For Learning About “Nudges” In Schools

More Studies Finding That If Educators Are Good At Raising Test Scores, They Might Be Missing The Boat With Other Skills

Video: “The Empathy Gap – The Science of Empathy”

Wisdom From Nobel-Prize Winner Daniel Kahneman On Creating Change

New Study That Teenagers Are Sleeping Less & Less

New Useful Video From Edutopia: “Boosting Student Memory”

New Metacognition Study & How I’m Thinking Of Applying It In My Classes – Feedback Welcome!

The Best Resources For Learning About Retrieval Practice