As regular readers know, I do a ten-minute weekly BAM! Radio show to accompany my Education Week Teacher columns.

I thought readers might be interested in my choices for the best shows I’ve done during the last six months.

I’m adding this post to All 2018 Mid-Year “Best” Lists – In One Place!

You can see all my shows at All My BAM Radio Shows – Linked With Descriptions.

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Here are My Ten Best BAM! Radio Shows In 2018 – So Far (they are not in any particular order):

Managing Conflicts Between Colleagues and Administrators with Todd Franklin and Dr. Sanée Bell.

Why Is Professional Development So Bad: How Do We Fix It? with Heather Wolpert-Gawron, Diana Laufenberg, Dina Strasser, Debbie Silver.

Strategies for Teaching Various Types of Exceptional Students with Jason Flom, Wendy Murawski, Ph.D., Tara Dale, Mandi White.

Teachers Unions Are at Risk of Losing Influence: The Road Ahead with Jennifer Thomas, Brian Guerrero, David Fisher, Nikki Milevsky.

Four Effective but Underused Instructional Strategies with Carol Salva, Dr. Jennifer Davis Bowman, Kathy Glass, Amber Chandler.

The Biggest Mistakes We Make When Teaching Writing with Kathleen Neagle Sokolowski, Mary Ann Zehr, Lisa Eickholdt.

The Rise and Resistance to Ethnic Studies Classes with Ruchi Agarwal-Rangnath, Tony Diaz.

What Many Policy Makers Don’t Understand About Schools with Jennie Magiera, Amanda Koonlaba, and Dr. Sanée Bell.

Math Best Practices: Do You Know Them When You See Them? with Jill Henry and David Wees.