Five years ago I began this regular feature where I share a few posts and resources from around the Web related to ESL/EFL or to language in general that have caught my attention.

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In addition, look for our new book on teaching ELLs, which was published in the Spring of 2018.

Here are this week’s choices:

Lawsuit Over a Student’s Deportation Sparks Furor in Boston Schools is from Ed Week.

Facebook Messenger now provides automatic English/Spanish translation, and will be adding other languages. I know there are divergent views of whether teachers should be “friends” on Facebook with students (see The Best Resources On Teacher/Student Use Of Social Media).  However,  I’ve been “friends” for years with my ELL students.  They often have questions about basic issues (for example, on holidays wondering if school is open) and Facebook messages have been a key tool for communication.  This new feature will make this even easier for teachers who don’t speak Spanish.

How refugee children make American education stronger is from The Conversation. I’m adding it to The Best Posts On Looking At Our Students Through The Lens Of Assets & Not Deficits.

Study shows approach can help English learners improve at math word problems is from The University of Kansas. I’m adding it to The Best Resources For Teaching Common Core Math To English Language Learners.

Teachers view immigrant, minority parents as less involved in their children’s education is from Eureka Alert. Teachers View Immigrant Parents as Less Involved. That Mindset May Be Hurting Students is from Ed Week and is about the same study. I’m adding both to The Best Parent Engagement Resources For Immigrant Families.

Meet the contestants of this year’s World’s Ugliest Dog competition would be great to show to ELLs and have them use adjective to describe the images. I’m adding it to The Best Ways To Use Photos In Lessons.

Family Separations at the Border: What Educators Need to Know is from Colorin Colorado. I’m adding it to The Best Resources For Learning About The Terrible Practice Of Separating Immigrant Parents From Their Children.

A 17-Year-Old Was Told He Couldn’t Attend High School, Even Though He’s A US Citizen is from BuzzFeed.