James Baldwin was born on this day in 1924.

I’ve shared a fair number of related resources over the years, and thought it would be useful to collect them here in one place.

Even though this isn’t a “Best” list (I’m sure there are lots of other excellent resources out there), I’m still adding it to “Best” Lists Of The Week: Resources For Teaching & Learning About Race & Racism:

Former high school teacher Clint Smith has a a good – and short – essay in The New Yorker headlined James Baldwin’s Lesson for Teachers in a Time of Turmoil.

He talks about Baldwin’s “A Talk To Teachers,” which you can read in its entirety here.

Here’s an excerpt Smith highlights:

You can learn more about Baldwin at The Zinn Education Project and also watch this recent movie:

Here’s a short video of Baldwin commenting on education:

I’ve added this tweet to The Best Resources For Learning About “Grit”:

James Baldwin’s Advice on Writing is from Brain Pickings.

Letter from a Region in My Mind is by James Baldwin.


Chez Baldwin is from The Smithsonian.