I’m in the process of preparing some new lesson plans I’ll be trying out with my pilot Long-Term English Language Learner class this year (I’ll be sharing them when their complete).

Here are some video clips I’m planning on using in different ones. I’m hoping that readers will also help me find more or better ones, too!

If I get enough suggestions from readers, I’d like to create two “Best” lists:

“The Best Video Clips Showing People Inspired To Do Their Best Because Of Its Impact On Family, Friends, Community”

“The Best Video Clips Showing How Peoples Actions Can Positively or Negatively Impact The People Around Them”

I think that second list is a bit different from the one I’ll be posting soon on “The Best Video Clips Showing How People Working Together Can Accomplish More Than If They Work On Their Own.”  The list that is coming up will be portraying examples of people working as a “team” to accomplish a common goal.  My hope is that the list I want to create in the future will show examples of how one person’s actions can influence the actions of people around them.

You can find many similar “Best” lists at “Best” Lists Of The Week: Teaching With Movies.  Several of them came out of similar requests for help.


This first clip is one I plan to use in a lesson based on a previous post, Intriguing Research On How To Increase Intrinsic Motivation.  It discusses research finding that often we are most motivated to action based on its impact on others.  Unfortunately, this clip just highlights that point during the last thirty seconds or so.  I’m hopeful readers can recommend better ones (unfortunately, even though there is an embed code for the clip, it doesn’t appear to be working – you see it here instead):


This next clip would be included in a lesson highlighted in this previous post, Bingo! There Are Issues With This Study On Grit & ELLs, But I Am Sure Going To Use It With My Students.  It talks about research finding that students tend to work twice as hard as they would ordinarily if they see their classmates trying their best.  I think it probably fits more in the upcoming “The Best Video Clips Showing How People Working Together Can Accomplish More Than If They Work On Their Own,” and I’m hoping to find a better one (or two or three) :


I’m looking forward to hearing your suggestions!