oodlu is a brand-new – and free to teachers and students – tool for creating and playing online learning games.

Teachers can create many different formats of questions (see the first image below) and turn them into a wide variety of different types of games (see the second image below). And, they can have free virtual classrooms to monitor student progress.

The only “negative” that I can see so far is that they don’t have (or, at least, I couldn’t see) a “bank” of games that have already been made by the site or other teachers that can be used. One advantage of other similar game-making-and-playing sites is that teachers don’t have to always spend time creating games – they can use ones already there. But I assume oodlu will have the same feature eventually (NOTE: See the tweet at the end of this post).

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Here’s a screenshot of the different questions you can use:


And here are the different game formats: