As regular readers know, I have about 2,000 categorized and regularly updated “Best” lists.

You can find all of them in broad categories here. The link to that page can also be found at the top right of my blog: My Best Of Series

I also have them all on another page where they are listed in the chronological order in which I originally posted them. You can find that link at the top of my blog by first clicking on About and then scrolling down to Websites of the Year.

Two thousand “Best” lists are a lot of best lists! Of course, Control + F on PCs and Command + F on Macs are great ways to search for keywords on those lists when you’re looking for something.

In an effort to make them both further accessible and to update many of them, several months ago I began posting “Best Lists Of The Week.” In those lists, I attempted to break my lists into more narrow categories while completely revising and updating at the same time.

I’ve created about forty of them so far and they encompass a few hundred “Best” lists. It will probably take a year-or-two to create ones that include all two-thousand, especially since I add new ones all the time.

You will find these newly categorized lists on a page titled My Best Of The Week, and they’ll be shown as “buttons” (you can see what they look like at the top of this blog post) listed alphabetically (more-or-less).

The image of the buttons may change as Edublogs staff help me figure out what looks best, but the basic lay-out should look the same. As I mentioned, the number of buttons will grow over the next year or two.

What do you think? Will this additional lay-out help make the “Best” lists more accessible?