The director of the movie “Hoop Dreams” has unveiled a new ten-episode series focusing on race, class, equity and many other issues in an American high school.

“America To Me” airs on Starz every Sunday night.

The reviews have certainly be positive:

Review: ‘America to Me’ Is a Searing Lesson in School Inequity appeared in the New York Times.

America to Me Is a Worthy Follow-up to Hoop Dreams is from Slate.

‘America to Me’ Offers a 10-Hour Look at Racial Equity in a Large High School is from Ed Week.

‘Hoop Dreams’ Filmmaker on His New Documentary About Race and Education is from Ed Week.

Here’s the trailer, and an interview with the filmmaker:

The beginning of the school year is obviously not a great time for teachers to find time for watching TV, but if you subscribe to Starz streaming, you can watch it at your leisure at a later date.