JuralMin / Pixabay

I post a lot about the great resources offered by The New York Times Learning Network (and not just because I periodically write about ELLs for them!).

Last year, they started a periodic event called “What’s Going On In This Graph?” (see Check Out The NY Times Learning Feature “What’s Going On In This Graph?”)

They’ve just announced that this year they will be doing it weekly.

You’ll want to read all about it, including a schedule, at What’s Going On in This Graph?’ Is Now Weekly. STEM Teachers Explain Why It’s a Powerful Activity.

Here’s an excerpt:

Each week we’ll select an engaging Times graph and pair it with a simple set of questions — asking students what they notice, what they wonder, and what they think is going on in the graph. As students comment, we provide live moderation by statistics teachers (on Wednesdays). Then, at the end of the week, we post an end-of-activity “reveal” which shares the original article containing the graph, highlights from the moderation, related statistical concepts and helpful vocabulary.

I’m adding this info to my collection of infographic-related “Best” lists.