This is the fiftieth post in a series I’m creating that will highlight the Best “Best” lists in a particular topic I have posted over the years.

You can see all those lists here.

These are lists I’ve also recently reviewed and revised,  so they are up-to-date (except for the annual Best lists on Web 2.0 tools).

You can find all my nearly 2,000 continually updated “Best” lists here.

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Here they are:

The Best Resources On Teaching & Learning Critical Thinking In The Classroom

The Best Tools & Lessons For Teaching Information Literacy – Help Me Find More

The Best Resources About Inductive Learning & Teaching

The Best Resources For Teaching “What If?” History Lessons

The Best Videos Showing The Importance Of Asking Good Questions.

The Best Resources For Helping Teachers Use Bloom’s Taxonomy In The Classroom

The Best Posts & Articles About Asking Good Questions — Help Me Find More

The Best Multimedia Resources For Learning About Fallacies — Help Me Find More