Many of Theory of Knowledge essays submitted by our students got hammered by IB Examiners last year, several unfairly so (which is why we’re appealing them).

But we are using some of the feedback to inform how we’re preparing this year’s students to write this next round of essays, most which follow a similar format – a quote and then telling the write to respond using two Areas of Knowledge. Last year, IB decided to ban people from publishing their annual six prompts online, so I can’t share them here.

As regular readers know, IB Diploma candidates take TOK during their junior year at our school (though we have many seniors who aren’t Diploma candidates take it, too).

During my class, we go through an extensive process of writing a practice essay, which you can find here.

This means we work with the IB Seniors outside of regular class time when they write their TOK essays for IB.

We meet individually with each Senior three times to review progress on their essay. Before those meetings, however, we meet with them as a group to review the prompts and assist them with some prompt analysis (students can also count that meeting as one of their three required ones).

Base on the Examiners’ feedback, and based on this year’s prompts themselves, we’ve prepared a one-page hand-out to assist students write their essay.

A screenshot of a portion of the page is on the top of this blog post. You can download the entire sheet here.

If you do, however, I just ask one thing in return – please give us your critical feedback on how we can make it better!

ADDENDUM: I have also created a “fillable” version that students can use when they submit an outline to me.

Here’s a link to all the resources we’re using related to the essays.


ADDENDUM: I think this could be useful: